Preliminary Information on Martela’s 2021 Revenue and Operating Income

Based on the preliminary unaudited financial statements for 2021, Martela’s revenue did not reach the level published in the 2021 outlook on February 5, 2021.

Based on the preliminary unaudited financial statements for 2021, revenues increased slightly and operating income improved compared to the previous year. The turnover amounted to approximately 92 million euros (88.4) and the operating result to approximately -1.5 million euros (-4.0).

Revenue and operating income for the fourth quarter of 2021 improved significantly compared to the same period last year. Fourth quarter revenue was around €29 million (21.9) and operating profit around €1.2 million (-2.2).

In the fourth quarter, turnover did not reach the expected level. This was the result of a global shortage of materials due to the corona pandemic, which caused delays in project deliveries. In addition, the company had to write off approximately 0.5 million euros of receivables due to the bankruptcy of the company’s former financial partner.

Prior outlook for 2021: The Martela Group expects its revenue and operating result in 2021 to improve compared to the previous year. Traditionally, the Group’s operating profit accumulates during the second half.

Martela will publish its January to December 2021 financial statements on February 11, 2022.

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