RSM’s global revenue jumps 16% to $7.3 billion

For the first time in its history, RSM passed the US$7 billion revenue barrier, firmly cementing its position behind BDO as the second largest mid-tier accounting and consulting network in the world.

Professional services firm RSM reconfirmed its position as the world’s sixth-largest accounting and consulting network, with combined revenue jumping 15.8% to $7.26 billion in its fiscal year 2021. The company also increased its workforce to more than 50,000 in the last twelve months, thanks in part to the opening of 40 new offices across its network covering more than 120 countries.

After briefly slipping behind Grant Thornton just a few years ago, the results put RSM firmly in sixth place in the global accounting and consultancy table by revenue, with the former having recently recorded revenue of $6.6 billion. US dollars in 2021, compared to 5.8 US dollars. billion.

The midscale market continues to stretch, however, with BDO now raking in nearly US$12 billion. Nexia, Crowe and Baker Tilly have yet to report.

As elsewhere among the major accountancy and consulting players, consulting has been RSM’s main growth driver over the past year, up 38%, and 128% in general business consulting terms, driven by demand for business process improvement support, AI-based solutions and supply chain resilience. RSM’s accounting line was also up nearly 19% before tax and audit.

“Over the past year, global businesses of all sizes have had to navigate the uncertainty and accelerated change brought about by the pandemic,” said Jean Stephens, Global CEO of RSM International. “For mid-market companies, this has been a chance to turn a challenge into an opportunity to adopt flexible and agile, digitally-enabled and data-driven work technology solutions with ethical and people-driven practices. Goals.”

Growth of RSM Divisions

In terms of geography, RSM’s Asia-Pacific division grew by 20% last year, including a contribution of approximately US$200 million from its Australian members, where the company ranks somewhat lower on the global table behind Grant Thornton and Crowe and Baker Tilly Findex affiliates and pitching partners. The Middle East was RSM’s largest growth region, up 23%, followed by Europe and North America.

“RSM professionals around the world have been working hard to enable our highly dynamic and ambitious corporate clientele to thrive during this challenging time,” Stephens concluded. “It required fresh perspectives and a look to the future to ensure that the owners, boards and leaders of the company are prepared for growth in the new era of business. Our exceptional financial results reflect this pace of change.

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